2019 SHOW

Live Auction Items


BRAEMAR GATHERING • Royal Tent Admission/4 tickets



Braemar is a lovely village in Aberdeenshire in the Scottish Highlands. The Braemar Gathering is the most famous and prestigious highland games in the world. Guests and competitors come from all around the world and are joined by Her Majesty the Queen. In 1952 Queen Elizabeth acceded to the British Throne. Her Majesty has attended every year since then, maintaining the long tradition of a royal presence at the gathering since Queen Victoria first attended in 1848. Balmoral Castle, one of the residences of the British Royal Family since 1852 and the holiday home of Queen Elizabeth is only several miles away.


There is a Royal Box (tented) at these games that is by invitation only. It is very limited seating and you will only receive an invitation from the Royal Family or the Braemar Gathering Hosting Committee. You cannot purchase these seats or access to the Royal Box anywhere. At the Dressed to Kilt Houston show, we will be auctioning off 4 tickets to the Royal Box at these 2018 highland games. These games take place every year on the first Saturday in September If you wish to bid on these seats in advance of the show, please do so at beckyb@dressedtokilt.com




The Most Expensive Kilt in the World



The second item that we will be auctioning off will be “the most expensive kilt in the world”. This kilt was made for Sir Sean Connery and it was made by Holland & Sherry in Peebles, Scotland. The kilt is bespoke and it was made for Sir Sean so it would fit a man who is 6’2”- 6’3” tall. It is the finest Scottish cashmere and it cost $10,000 to create. We have the governance of the kilt. The Tartan is that of Holland & Sherry.