2019 SHOW

Chairmen Remarks
“From Downton Abbey to the Dakotas”



March, 2019


Dear Friends and Colleagues,


First let us welcome all of our many friends on both sides of the Atlantic to the 2019 show. Whether you are able to join us or not, we are extremely grateful for your continued support of our charitable efforts. After a very successful show on all levels in Houston last year, we are returning the event to New York City. Our Houston show honored Mr. Mack McIngvale, Houston’s Man of the Year for his actions during Hurricane Harvey. Mack opened up all his furniture showrooms and warehouses to people displaced because of Hurricane Harvey, and he housed and fed them for weeks. The New York show will again be focusing on “Country Lifestyle Clothing”. This includes the clothing for outdoor sports including hiking, stalking, shooting, hunting, etc. This kind of business, including hotel and castle rentals for outdoor sports represents roughly $250 million per year for Scotland.


Our April show will promote and honor both the couture and culture of Native American tribes and Scottish clans. This idea came from one of dear friends who is a Navy SEAL that grew up in Scotland and returned home for the summers to be with his father who was a Native American tribal chief . He approached our Board and explained how similar the Tribes and Clans are and that we should consider doing a show that highlights both cultures. There are today a similar number of Native Americans and Scots, the size of the clans and tribes are similar, and the number of tribes and clans are similar, and both have histories of persecution. The Tribal chiefs and Clan chiefs both include feathers in their headgear. These are just a few of the many similarities. This show should be one of the more colorful and exciting DTK fashion shows as their will be both Native American designers and models.


For our Native American friends who are being introduced to DTK for the first time, we should provide some background information. From its very humble beginnings in 2003, we have grown this show with the help of Sir Sean & Lady Connery to where it is now the largest and most prestigious Scottish fashion event in the world, and one of the highest profile fashion shows in North America in terms of press and media generation. It is not a normal fashion, it is much more fun. It is very high energy and very exciting and in addition to international super models, A-list celebrities and world class athletes from both sides of the Atlantic strut their stuff down the runway. We shall again be raising funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation. There will be a number of former Navy SEALS in the runway show, and our entire event will be kicked off by the remarks of Ms. Robin King, the CEO of the Navy SEAL Foundation.


This will be a show for both outdoor sports enthusiasts and conservationists. There is no group more committed to the conservation of the environment and wildlife than the anglers, hikers, hunters, stalkers and other outdoor enthusiasts in both the United States and the United Kingdom. The venue for this year’s show is the Church of the Holy Apostles in Chelsea on the west side of New York. This is a beautiful church with vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows that was built in 1848. It has a very long and distinguished history that starts with being a stop of the “Underground Railroad” during the Civil War. The church was designated a New York City landmark in 1988 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. In 1982 the congregation began the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen which continues today to serve the indigent of the area. Their soup kitchen is currently the largest emergency feeding program in New York City . By holding our event at the Church, we will be helping and donating to the charitable efforts of the Church.


So friends, fear not, even if you have never seen a TV episode of “Outlander”, worn a kilt, or cannot even find bonnie Scotland on a map, please come and join us for an evening that you will never forget!!


Yours for Scotland,


Dr. Geoffrey Scott Carroll Mr. Peter Morris
Chairman & Co-Host
New York City , NY
Vice Chairman & Co-Host
Los Angeles, California





Dr. Geoffrey Scott Carroll, Sir Sean Connery & Mr. Peter Morris