2020 SHOW

2020 Chairmen Remarks



April 2020


Dear Friends,


NEW DATE: We understand that everyone is suffering from hardship in ways large and small during this coronavirus crisis, but we wanted to give you some bright news, some light at the end of a tunnel. Scotland’s most prestigious and largest fashion event has been rescheduled. The new date for the 2020 Dressed to Kilt show is now Friday, November 13. The theme of the show will remain the same, “Country Lifestyle Fashion” and it will be held at the Council on Foreign Relations on Park Avenue on the Upper East Side of New York City (The Harold Pratt Mansion). We chose this date because it is 8 months from now and the other major events in NYC at that time are the NYC Marathon (Sunday April 1), Presidential Election (Tuesday November 3), Veterans Day (Wednesday November 11), Thanksgiving (Thursday November 26) and it is also close to St. Andrews Day (November 30). St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland and St. Andrew’s Day is Scotland’s official national day.


LIVE STREAMING: We can also now announce that for the first time ever we will be “Live Streaming” the 2020 event worldwide, thereby increasing our already significant global reach. Access to the “Live Streaming” will be $15. All of these additional revenues will go to our charities. This will be a huge new advantage for our Sponsors and Contributing Designers. We have a large global network of followers and the technical infrastructure of the Council on Foreign Relations is such that they are geared for live streaming events with multiple cameras and multiple angles. We will be bringing DTK into the 21st century. Also, we would like to make this the most commercial DTK show as we will only be 6 weeks from Christmas. Perhaps we could turn this into a holiday shopping opportunity for the attendees. Following the runway show, for an hour or so, we would like to have the attendees be able to view and walk among the rolling racks of clothes in the styling space.


BENEFICIARIES: We will be raising funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation and the National Native American Veterans Memorial in Washington DC.


NEW INFORMATION: Please go to the website (www.dressedtokilt.com) for all updates and announcements and any new information on models and designers. We shall not be actively promoting the show at this point in time as everyone is sheltered at home and is focused on family and friends and we do not want to be accused of being tone deaf. We shall continue to work behind the scenes to put the pieces of the next show in place. We remain positive that we shall get to the other side of this current crisis sooner rather than later. Be safe and hang tough.



Dr. Geoffrey Scott Carroll Mr. Peter Morris OBE
Founder/Chairman Chief Executive Officer
Dressed to Kilt Friends of Scotland Charity
New York City, New York Los Angeles, California





Dr. Geoffrey Scott Carroll, Sir Sean Connery & Mr. Peter Morris