2020 SHOW

2020 Chairmen Remarks
“Scottish Clans & Native American Tribes”




Dear Friends and Colleagues,


Our 2020 show will return to where it all started. Dressed to Kilt was first held on April 1, 2003, at The Harold Pratt House. This is a mansion on the Upper East Side of New York City that has been the headquarters of the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations since 1945. Dr. Carroll created the Dressed to Kilt event in his NYC kitchen shortly after arriving from Europe and he was the sole Master of Ceremonies for the first show . He remembers being inundated with people telling him prior to the show that no one would pay any money to see good looking Scottish men in kilts. Fortunately, the night of the show produced a sell-out crowd with lines around the block on Park Avenue. Included in this show were a member of the British Royal Family, the lead dancer for the NYC ballet, the President of the St. Andrew’s Society, Lord Jamie Sempill, a member of the New York Fire Department that was involved in 9/11, Martha Macallum, the FOX NEWS TV Host and many more.


Seventeen years later, Dressed to Kilt is now regarded as the most successful and prestigious Scottish fashion event in the world, and according to The New York Post, “Dressed to Kilt is now considered a welcome fixture on the New York fashion calendar”. The original goals and messages of DTK have also not changed over the past 17 years, including that “made in Scotland is a benchmark of the very best in the world”.


We will again be raising funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation and also for the National Native American Veterans Memorial in Washington DC. The April show will again honor and promote the culture and couture of Scottish clans and Native American tribes. Listed below are just a few of the many similarities of our two cultures:

• Each of the cultures was an indigenous people
• Both nations were treated as tribal societies and driven from their lands
• Both the Highlanders and the Native Americans organized their societies around clan and kinship
• Intermarriage between Highlanders and Native Americans reached all across North America in the 1800s and entire Scots-Indian families were produced from these unions
• Numerous Scots-Indians took leadership positions within Native tribes. McGillivray with the Creeks, the Colbert family with the Chickasaw, the Grants with the Cherokee Nation and the McCoys and McKennans with the Choctaws to mention but a few
• Both the Cherokee Nation and the Creek Tribe have their own Scottish Tartans
• There are a similar number of Tribes and Clans, and there structure is similar


The 2020 show will again be focusing on “Country Lifestyle Fashion”. This includes the clothing for outdoor sporting activities including hiking, shooting, hunting, fly-fishing, stalking, etc. This kind of business, together with country hotels, hunting lodges and castle rentals represent more than one-quarter of a billion pounds for the Scottish economy. The fashion show now regularly includes animals on the runway and this year should be no different. From hunting dogs to the sport of kings, hunting falcons, the DTK runway always promises to be exciting and electric.


Lastly, since our previous show Mr. Peter Morris, the Vice Chairman and Co-Host of Dressed to Kilt , was awarded the OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) in the 2019 Queen’s Birthday Honours List for his service to the British Entertainment Industry. He has been the Chairman of BAFTA USA in Los Angeles. When you see Peter at the DTK show please do not hesitate to congratulate him!



Dr. Geoffrey Scott Carroll Mr. Peter Morris OBE
Founder/Chairman & Co-Host Vice Chairman & Co-Host
New York City, NY Los Angeles, California





Dr. Geoffrey Scott Carroll, Sir Sean Connery & Mr. Peter Morris